Edward Snowden: Cultivation of Personality

I’m kind of sick of hearing about this geek. It’s like he suddenly woke up one day and was like, “I only have 800 friends on Facebook because I never had the chance to gain Facebook friends through a college experience. Maybe I can make people realize how important I really am by disclosing national security secrets and choosing an awkward country to flee to.”

Are we really supposed to believe this guy decided to disclose his name on some high moral grounds? Really. I want to know. What good did it exactly do for him to out himself? If he was really genuinely concerned about showing the truth to the public, wouldn’t he have tried to remain hidden for as long as possible to give as much information as he could? I guarantee, if we don’t manage to extradite him, in a year he will have founded some fucking website where he makes tons of money by cashing in on his fame.

And aren’t we a little mad that while in Hong Kong, he decides to release evidence of the US spying on China, in hopes of buying himself some favor there? BOYS, INFORM ON YOUR CLASSMATES, SAVE YOUR HIDE. Come on, look, disclosing that information has NOTHING to do with the fellow citizens he’s trying to enlighten, it has everything to do with him compromising national security to save his own ass.  An ass that wouldn’t have needed saving if he didn’t need to be the personal poster boy for freedom.



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