A Realistic Superman Movie

 I saw the new Superman movie today. It went something like this:

Superman is hot


Superman was a kid once


This guy would like to kill all humans and turn Earth into a comfortable living space

General-Zod-and-Phantom-Zone-troopersHe broadcasts this threat to the world and Superman cooperates with the police, who turn him over to Zod. Zod would prefer if Superman would help him.

This guy hears out the plan and doesn’t think it’s feasible. He and the military both fight against the bad guys, though their level of cooperation leaves something to be desired


Superman wins, and gets a girlfriend along the way. Yay!


Don’t worry, Superman is still hot.

man-of-steel (1)


This movie is so unrealistic, I don’t even know where to start. This is more like how it should go:

“Turn over Superman or your whole planet will die!”





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